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is with the department for better technology, a presidential innovation fellow. he's been the person i have been following most closely in analyzing the website. so, clay, looking at the website today, hearing the administration's updates yesterday, what's your sense of how far things have come and what does it tell us about how bad things were? >> well, it's a great deal of relief to me that the website seems to be up and operational. i tried it out earlier. i'm on the individual market as a small business owner, and so, i have to shop for my own health insurance, so i got a bit through it today. i'm just glad that the preposterous debate that the affordable care act should be judged by -- i mean,'s problems was an acquisition and procurement problem, not a health care problem. it's not like when we had butterfly ballot problems in florida, we decided to revert to monarchy. and we shouldn't, you know, sort of judge a health care policy based on, you know, what a website does. but for the ma part, i'm happy with where things are right now. >> here's what's interesti
was designed in 1935 or 1945. we can consolidate agencies. buying information technologies. you know, how we make ourselves more customer friendly. those are all things that we can improve. but the upshot is the government still does a lot of good and the last point i'll make on this is, you know, we've had a politic, frankly, the entire republican party since reagan has been government's the problem. and if you day after day, week after week, election after election are running on that platform and that permeates our culture and it's picked up by ordinary citizens who grow skeptical, then it's not surprising that over time trust in government declines. but as i said in the speech yesterday, the biggest issue that i see out in the hour riris that every one of these young people can get a good job, pursue a career, support a family, not be loaded up by $100,000 worth of debt, actually buy a home, how do we do those things that reduce inequality in our society and broaden opportunity? and government can't solve all of that and we live in an economy that is global and technological and changing
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know, the fact of the matter is, is that this is technology. it is going to be fixed. there are people working on it. and you know, i would rather be the one who helps uninsured get insured and help reduce the medical inflation for people and help them get good coverage than the one who is complaining about it. >> what are your colleagues? i'm really confused about what republicans are going to do? i guess they will vote to repeal again -- what are your colleagues going to do for the rest of this congress which is nearing its mid-way point. >> well, we haven't done very much at all. as a matter of fact, speaker boehner said he wanted to be judged not on the laws he passed but on the laws he repealed, he has not re peeled any of them. although he has tried. we would like to appeal to their better nature if we could. if we could get something done on immigration, that would be awesome. if we could lift the sequester and put forth a budget that could get people back to work, that would be good. i'm not cynical -- >> i'm not cynical either, in this universe in which we live, you and some o
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Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)